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Can you name the words that start in a plant, that is replaced by another plant starting on a same letter?

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appleoida small space object
bananazleto con or trick
cactuseatransparent layer of the eye
DateonAmerican actor, Matt
eggplantlyold, having lived for many years
fernurea drawing or diagram
grapefruitlyin a delicate or cautious manner
hawthornea desire for a certain thing to happen
IvyhAtlantic Ocean island nation
JuniperEnglish singer, Thompson
kumquatidoscopea tube of mirrors with loose coloured beads
larchadea still beverage used as a refreshment
mapleonnaisea type of dressing
nectarinelmflammable substance used in warfare
OrangelandSan Francisco Bay Area city
periwinklelwhite sphere inside a shell
quassiantenniala 500th anniversary
Rhubarbaucapital of Dominica
Sequoiauzseries of Soviet and Russian spacecrafts
tomatorto pull apart, separate
vanillateto break or disregard rules
wheatera machine for cleaning wool
Yewoussoukrocapital of Cote d'Ivoire
zucchinilota person who is fanatical in pursuit of ideals

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