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Can you name the answers starting with letter 'B' to science questions from all the groups?

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Math & Computer Science
Base-2 numeral system with numeric values using only two symbols: typically 0 and 1? 
An error, flaw, or fault in a computer program that prevents it from working as intended? 
Family that produced eight gifted academics who contributed to the foundations of applied math? 
Physics & Space Sciences
Danish physicist who made big contributions to understanding atomic structure, Niels? 
An upward force exerted by a fluid, that opposes the weight of an immersed object? 
One of two classes of elementary particles, the other being fermions? 
A sticky, black, and highly viscous liquid or semi-solid form of petroleum, also known as asphalt? 
Substance that reacts with acids to form salts, accept protons from any donor and has high pH? 
Highly reactive soft, silvery alkaline earth metal that is never found in nature as a free element? 
Biology & Health
The science of plant life and a branch of biology, also called phytology? 
Single-cell microorganisms forming a biomass which exceeds that of all plants and animals? 
Distinct biological community sharing climate, can comprise a variety of habitats? 
Social Sciences & Philosophy
French military and political leader who rose to prominence at turn of XIX century, Napoleon? 
Advocate and practitioner of the scientific method during the scientific revolution, Francis? 
A body of non-elective government officials and also an administrative policy-making group? 
Earth Sciences
A severe snowstorm characterized by strong winds over a prolonged period of time? 
A common extrusive igneous rock formed from the rapid cooling of lava? 
The global ecological system integrating all living beings and their relationships? 

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