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Can you name the 30 missing words starting on 'A' in just 90 seconds?

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_______ LincolnUS President
___ for one, and one for ___Three Musketeers motto
____ 51secret military facility
_______ and Barbudacountry
___ RaismanOlympic gymnast
______ 13space mission
Lhasa ____dog breed
Neil _________first man on the Moon
______ borealispolar phenomenon
____ DominiLatin calendar term
___ NahasapeemapetilonSimpsons character
Charlie's ______TV series
______ Einsteinfamous scientist
Beauty ___ the Beastanimated movie
_____ Egopsychology term
Colorado ____NHL team
_______ GraceChristian hymn
_____ RoadBeatles album
happily ever _____fairy tale idiom
Heart ______medical emergency
Addis _____African city
to cost an ___ and a legphrase
________ tendonhuman anatomy part
Take my Breath ____Theme from Top Gun
____ Kareninabook title & character
____ and Evebible characters
__ You Like ItShakespeare's comedy
___ Decoarchitectural style
Home _____comedy movie
______ Watfamous landmark

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