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Can you name the gods whose name has been missing from these titles?

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TitleMissing wordGod description
Hot _____ Lincoln

1971 Commander Cody song
Slavic god of birth and creation
If I _____ the Zoo

1950 Dr. Zeus book
Norse goddess of the sea
_____ 13

1995 movie starring Tom Hanks
Greek god of light, healing, music, poetry, plague, prophecy
_____ Fire to the Rain

2011 Adele song
Egyptian god of the desert, storms, disorder, violence, and foreigners
Peter _____

1953 Disney animated movie
Greek god of shepherds, pastures and fertility
_____ Wednesday

1973 movie starring Elizabeth Taylor
Egyptian god of the Libyan Desert and oases west of Egypt
_____: New Dawn

2016 Fenix Fire video game
Egyptian god of death and resurrection
_____: The Dark World

2013 movie starring Chris Hemsworth
Norse god of thunder and battle
TitleMissing wordGod description

2007 movie starring Ellen Page
Roman goddess of marriage
My _____ is a Ninja

2014 Damon Young book
Norse goddess of joy and peace
Life on _____?

1971 David Bowie song
Roman god of war
Song of _____

1985 Dan Simmons book
Hindu goddess of time, creation, destruction and power
_____ Rising

1998 movie starring Bruce Willis
Roman god of thieves, commerce and travelers
_____ and Roxanne

1997 movie starring Steve Guttenberg
Greek god of the sky, thunder and lightning, law and order, and fate.
_____'s Gate

1998 Bioware video game
Norse god of beauty, innocence, peace, and rebirth.
The Return of _____

1986 Namco video game
Mesopotamian goddess of love, beauty, sex, desire, fertility, war, combat, and political power

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