Television Quiz / Mixed Missing Word: 2016 Emmys

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Can you name the 5-letter missing words from the scrambled TV shows nominated for the 2016 Emmy award in any category?

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WhosGinmiss rowdTelter
Fe'sch _____T
_____ Fo ScradH
Canding Thiw Het _____S
Het ______ NameragN
Manicera _____C
Rilg Metes _____W
Kebabunreal _____ TchmidsK
_____ Dan ArefinkG
WhosGinmiss rowdTelter
Het Tals Amn No _____E
Knicy, Cryik, _____ & WandD
Rm. _____R
_____ Melmik EvilJ
_____ FraudledP
Stabe _____M
Nodwont _____A

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