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Can you name the 30 missing words starting on 'H' in just 90 seconds?

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____ birthdayphrase
________ be thy namepart of a prayer
___ do you do?phrase
____ Alonecomedy
_____ attackmedical emergency
We Don't Need Another ____song
____ Solofemale Olympian
____ Hoganwrestler & actor
____ Rock Caférestaurant chain
_____ Kittycartoon character
Twitter _______internet expression
____-Lifevideo game
Sleepy ______TV series
________ ante portasLatin phrase
_____ Accordcar model
Ernest _________famous writer
____ Potterbook & movie character
Miami ____NBA team
______ Innhotel chain
_____ of the Rising Sunsong
____ sapienshuman species
___ and seekkids game
___ flexorhuman muscle
Alfred ________movie director
New ________US state
Rutherford B. _____US President
_______ Gardensancient wonder
________ bombnuclear weapon
____ in onegolf term
____ KongAsian city

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