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Can you complete the poem that Amanda Gorman recited on the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris?

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When ___ comes we ask ourselves,day or night?
where can we find ___ in this never-ending shade?heavy or light?
The loss we ___,cash or carry?
a sea we must ___wade or bosh?
We've braved the ___ of the beastbelly or button?
We've learned that quiet isn't always ___war or peace?
And the ___ and notionscliffs or norms?
of ___ just iswhat or where?
Isn’t ___ just-icealways or never?
And yet the ___ is oursdusk or dawn?
___ we knew itbefore or after?
Somehow we do ___it or cujo?
Somehow we've ___ and witnessedweathered or untested?
a nation that isn’t ___complete or broken?
but ___ unfinishedsimply or red?
We the successors of a country and a ___time or space?
Where a skinny Black ___boy or girl?
descended from slaves and raised by a ___ mothersingle or double?
can ___ of becoming presidentreality or dream?
only to find herself reciting for ___one or two?
And ___ we are far from polishedyes or no?
___ from pristinenear or far?
but that doesn’t ___ we arekind or mean?
striving to form a union that is ___flawed or perfect?
We are striving to forge a union with ___purpose or meaning?
To compose a country committed to all cultures, ___, characters andtrue or colors?
conditions of ___man or muppet?
And so we lift our gazes not to what ___ between uscourt or stands?
but what stands before ___us or them?
We ___ the divide because we know, to put our future first,open or close?
we must ___ put our differences asidefirst or last?
We lay ___ our armsup or down?
so we ___ reach out our armsbottle or can?
to one ___this or another?
We ___ harm to none and harmony for allseek or destroy?
Let the ___, if nothing else, say this is true:cube or globe?
That ___ as we grieved, we grewodd or even?
That even as we ___, we hopedhurt or locker?
That even as we tired, we ___quit or tried?
That we’ll ___ be tied together, victoriousforever or never?
Not because we will never again know ___victory or defeat?
but because we ___ never again sow divisionwill or grace?
Scripture ___ us to envisionwilliams or tells?
that everyone shall sit ___ their own vine and fig treeover or under?
And no one shall ___ them afraidmake or break?
If we’re to ___ up to our own timelive or die?
Then victory won’t ___ in the bladetruth or lie?
But in all the ___ we’ve madejeff or bridges?
___ is the promised gladethis or that?
The ___ we climbfaith or hill?
If only we ___do or dare?
It's because being ___ is more than a pride we inherit,Asian or American?
it’s the ___ we step intopast or present?
and how we ___ itdamage or repair?
We’ve seen a ___ that would shatter our nationforce or nature?
rather than ___ itlike or share?
___ destroy our country if it meant delaying democracywould or won't?
And this effort very nearly ___succeeded or failed?
But while ___ can be periodically delayedanarchy or democracy?
it can never ___ permanently defeatedbe or vanish?
___ this truthin or out?
in this faith we ___trust or fund?
For while we have our eyes on the ___back or future?
history has its ___ on useyes or ears?
This is the ___ of just redemptionsecond or era?
We feared at its ___inception or ending?
We did not ___ prepared to be the heirsthink or feel?
of such a terrifying ___hour or glass?
but within it we ___ the powerlost or found?
to author a ___ chapternew or old?
To offer ___ and laughter to ourselvesbob or hope?
So while ___ we asked,once or twice?
how could we ___ prevail over catastrophe?possibly or certainly?
___ we assertnow or never?
How ___ catastrophe possibly prevail over us?could or should?
We will not ___ back to what wasapril or march?
but ___ to what shall bestop or move?
A country that is bruised but ___,hole or whole?
benevolent but ___,bold or italic?
fierce and ___expensive or free?
We will not be turned ___about or around?
or ___ by intimidationgirl or interrupted?
because we know our ___ and inertiaaction or inaction?
will be the inheritance of the ___ generationprevious or next?
Our blunders become ___ burdensthere or their?
But one ___ is certain:person or thing?
If we merge mercy with ___,might or magic?
and might with ___,right or left?
then ___ becomes our legacylove or hate?
and ___ our children’s birthrightbill or change?
So let us leave ___ a countryfront or behind?
better than the one we were left ___with or without?
Every breath from my bronze-pounded ___,pirate or chest?
we will raise this wounded ___ into a wondrous onewayne's or world?
We will rise from the gold-limbed hills of the ___,east or west?
we will rise from the windswept ___northeast or southwest?
where our ___ first realized revolutionforefathers or heirs?
We will ___ from the lake-rimmed cities of the midwestern states,rise or fall?
we will rise from the ___ southsunbaked or frozen?
We will rebuild, reconcile and ___relax or recover?
and every known nook of our ___ andunited or nation?
every ___ called our country,street or corner?
our ___ diverse and beautiful will emerge,village or people?
battered and ___beautiful or ugly?
When day comes we ___ out of the shade,step or zumba?
aflame and ___afraid or unafraid?
The new dawn ___ as we free itorlandos or blooms?
___ there is always light,for or against?
if only we’re brave enough to ___ itsee or saw?
If only we’re brave ___ to be itmore or enough?

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