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Can you name the Supernatural characters?

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HintAnswerMy Thoughts
king of Hellcoolest character ever okay
the younger Winchester brothermooooooooose
the older Winchester brothersquirrel uwu
became God; an angeli don't understand that reference
a demon who befriends an angelidk what to say
the Winchester's 'uncle''balls!'
mr. winchesterworst father ever
mrs. winchesterdied in the first episode tbh
the yellow eyed demonclaude is that you
HintAnswerMy Thoughts
gave their blood to the younger brotherew
ran a bar with her momwhy did you dieeeeeeee
ran a bar with her daughterw h y d i d YOu
gave the Winchesters informationno one cared about him
think they're better than the Winchestersnot cool bro
wrote 'Supernatural' kewl
fangirlshe wrote fanfiction tho
the prophet; - ;

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