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There are 40 Trees on the list for the ETW exam, can you give the German tree names?

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English NameDeutcher NameScientific Name
Hedge MapleAcer campestre
Norway MapleAcer platanoides
Planetree MapleAcer pseudoplatanus
Silver MapleAcer saccharinum
HorsechestnutAesculus hippocastanum
Tree of HeavanAilanthus altissima
Black AlderAlnus glutinosa
Grey AlderAlnus incana
Weeping BirchBetula pendula
European HornbeamCarpinus betulus
Sweet ChestnutCastanea sativa
Southern CatalpaCatalpa bignonioides
Turkish HazelCorylus colurna
European BeechFagus sylvatica
European AshFraxinus excelsior
Ginkgo Ginkgo biloba
HoneylocustGleditsia triacanthos
Thornless HoneylocustGleditsia triacanthos var 'inerma'
Persian WalnutJuglans regia
American SweetgumLiquidambar styraciflua
English NameDeutcher NameScientific Name
Tulip TreeLiriodendron tulipifera
Paulownia, Foxglove TreePaulownia tomentosa
London PlanetreePlatanus x acerifolia
Silver PoplarPopulus alba
Lombardy PoplarPopulus nigra 'italica'
Bird CherryPrunus avium
Caucasian WingnutPterocarya fraxinifolia
Chanticleer PearPyrus calleryana 'Chanticleer'
Sessile OakQuercus petraea
English OakQuercus robur
Red OakQuercus rubra
Black LocustRobinia pseudoacacia
White WillowSalix alba
Japanese Pagoda TreeSophora japonica
WhitebeamSorbus aria
Little Leaf LimeTilia cordata
Big Leaf LimeTilia platyphyllos
Norway SprucePicea abies
Scots PinePinus sylvestris
European LarchLarix decidua

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