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Can you name the Pennsylvania Governors (Reconstruction to World War II)?

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HintGovernorTerm (Party)
Former Civil War general; responded quickly to the Johnstown Flood.
Established a state pension system; worked to alleviate the Great Depression and curb corporate abuses.
Coordinated PA's World War II efforts; established absentee ballots for soldiers.
Fought voter fraud and adopted the use of voting machines; created Dept. of Revenue.
Paid off the state debt.
Passed child labor laws; created the first state police force in the U.S.; paved more than 8,000 miles of PA roads.
Established the State Board of Education and Dept. of Labor and Industry, among others; changed the death penalty from hanging to electrocution.
Adopted the secret ballot for elections and sent the militia to end the Homestead Strike.
HintGovernorTerm (Party)
Passed first workmen's compensation law in PA; vetoed more than 400 bills; coordinated PA's World War I effort.
'Father of Good Roads' in PA; created the Dept. of Public Welfare.
Proposed a 'Little New Deal' to fight the Depression; passed unemployment compensation, the state's first civil rights law, and improved labor laws.
Reversed some of his predecessor's 'Little New Deal' policies; outlawed fireworks; initiated PA's World War II efforts.
Replaced state property tax with corporate tax; created several state agencies to advance conservation; established PA Superior Court.
Officially desegregated Pennsylvania schools.
Public health advocate that helped fight tuberculosis; created the State Railroad Commission.

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