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Can you name the All Mobile Suits/Mobile Armors in Gundam seed?

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Gundam CodeNamePilot
GAT-X102Yzak Joule
GAT-X103Dearka Elsman
GAT-X105Kira Yamato/Mu La Flaga
GAT-X207Nicol Amalfi
GAT-X303Athrun Zala
TS-MA2All Earth Forces Regulars
TS-MA2mod.00 Mu La Flaga/Earth Forces Elites
ZGMF-1017ZAFT regulars/Miguel Aimen
ZGMF-515Rau Le Creuset/ZAFT Commanders
TMF/A-802 ZAFT Regulars
TMF/A-803 Andrew Waltfeld
FX-550 Mu La Flaga/Earth Air Forces
UMF-4A ZAFT Regulars
Gundam CodeNamePilot
UMF-5Marco Morassim
TFA-2ZAFT Regulars
AMF-101 Marco Morassim/ZAFT Regulars
GAT-01Earth Regulars
GAT-X131Orga Sabnak
GAT-X252 Clotho Buer
GAT-X370 Shani Andres
MBF-M1ORB Regulars
ZGMF-X10AKira Yamato
ZGMF-X09AAthrun Zala
ZGMF-600Rau Le Creuset/ Zaft Regulars
MBF-02Cagali Yula Athha
ZGMF-X13ARau Le Creuset

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