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QUIZ: Can you name the Glee Quotes: Preggers (Episode 4, Season 1)?

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And to all those naysayers out there who say, 'That's illegal. You can't strike children on their bare buttocks with razor-sharp bamboo sticks.' Well, to them I say: yes, we cane
Will, if I was out to get you, I'd have you pickling in a mason jar on my shelf by now
Hey, ankle grabber, I had sex with your mother. No, seriously. I cleaned your pool. And then I had sex with her in your bed. Nice Star Wars sheets
And not everyone's gonna have the walnuts to take a pro-littering stance... but I will not rest until every inch of our fair state is covered in garbage
Can I pee first?
Dishonesty is food to a marriage. It will die without it
Um, Coach, I don't mean to interject... but I think we should end with a show circle
That's why I pay taxes. It keeps garbage men earning a they can afford tacos for their family
I'm living in a cocoon of horror. Yesterday I ate nine cans of aerosol whipped cream!
Your wife is going to be pushing a watermelon out of her boy-howdy in five months. She doesn't need nice. She needs Dolomite
Nighttime skin care is a big part of my post game ritual
I'm down with it. I mean, heck, what do we got to lose? We gave up our pride when we lost to that school for the deaf
Well, call the Vatican. We got ourselves another Immaculate Conception
Giving birth is not like how it is in the movies. It is bloody and bestial... and you get poop all over your cowboy boots
Maria is my part. Natalie Wood was a Jew, you know. I've had a very deep, personal connection to this role since the age of one
I had sex with you because you got me drunk on wine coolers and I felt fat that day
I'll often yell at homeless people... 'Hey, how's that homelessness working out for you? Give not being homeless a try, huh?
My body is like a rum chocolate soufflé. If I don't warm it up right, it doesn't rise
Can you do that with the game on the line... and 10 gorillas bearing down on you... who want nothing more than to taste your sweet virgin blood?
The only thing missing from [Sandy's] place is a couple dozen bodies...limed and rotting in shallow graves under the floorboards

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