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What is the inverse operation of subtraction?Math
What is sheep pluralized?Writing
What are the three forms of matter barring plasma?Science
How many ways can you line up three people?Math
'Winnie the Pooh' is commonly found to be enjoying what snack?Literature
What are the five vowels in alphabetical order?Writing
What is the capital of the US (or UK)?Geography
What is the first element on the periodic table?Science
What is the name of the pig in Charlotte's Web?Literature
China is a country in what continent?Geography
What is the name of the planet that was demoted recently?Astronomy
What was the first name of the painter of 'Starry Night'?Art
How many bladders do you have?Biology
What is the correct spelling of 'Kyrgyzstan'?Writing
If you double nine three times, what do you get?Math
What is one of Harry Potter's main friend's first names?Literature
Gelato is a dessert from what country?Culture
Is a Solar Flare or Lunar Flare real?Astronomy
What time is 5 hours after 9:00AM? (Put AM or PM)?Math
'You're', 'Can't', and 'I'm' are examples of what?Writing
What blood type is compatible with all others?Biology
'Red' in Spanish is what?Language
A fear of spiders is known as what?Science
Vincent Van Gogh cut off his what?Art
What is the antonym of 'Life'?Writing
Can you name a primary color?Art
Can you name a country touching the USA?Geography
Can you name the sign of the zodiac representing a lion?Astrology
What are the chances of rolling a die and getting a 6 ?Math
What system are your lungs a part of?Biology
That was hard! You SHOULDN'T know that. You answered it?Common Sense
Then tell me, what is the now official name of the 112th element?Science
When you get to question forty, type the alphabet, okay?Common Sense
What's 1+1?Math
What's 1+2?Math
What's 1+3?Math
What's 8 million times 14?Math
What are the first nine digits of pi?Math
What is the fifth Greek letter?Language
A pupu platter is a Hawaiian dish?Common Sense
Can you type the answer to question 28?Astrology
Can you type the answer to question 10?Geography
Are you smarter than a fifth grader?Common Sense
Can you answer the next question?Common Sense
How long is a mile in inches?Math
The green star of the Muppet Show is...Random
Can you name the popular game show or Tarot Card that go by the same name?Random
Mario of Nintendo's green-clothed brother?Random
A dodecahedron has how many faces?Math
You're too smart!The End

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