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Can you name the spelling and grammar mistakes in these sentences?

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I forget to bring my coat yesterday!
If your cold, I can get you a blanket.
Sally and me went to the store.
Look out, it's claws are sharp.
If you loose, you have to buy me a soda.
I can't believe how wierd this quiz is.
There getting away on their boat!
Weather or not you want to, you're going.
There's alot of problems with this sentence.
If you are correct, you recieve a free cookie!
I would of won the game if I hadn't lost.
Effervescence is a annoying word to spell.
I'm not eating nothing today.
How many cookies does you have?
I have a present, but for who?
He does good when he plays that game.
He's a real good-looking guy; you'll see.
The car needs washed.
Oh my, I must lay down.
The penicillin will immediately take affect.
Veronica stealthily meandered around the patience in a state of analgesia.
BONUS; There is a grammatical error in this clue!
It's quite embarassing to misspell 'questionnaire'.
Psicology is a difficult topic to study.
Can you right 'supercalifragilisticexpialidocious'?

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