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Can you name the bosses in Shadow Hearts Covenant?

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Apoina TowerGuarding the Holy Mistletoe
Ardennes ForestSpider with fingers
MontmartreWolf Bout 1 - Weak wolf
Underground MontmartreThat woman's demon twins
Le HavreHe joins you later
Wine CellarA scantily clad woman
Wine CellarThat woman's demon who loves alcohol
Wine Cellar*Wolf Bout 2 - Wearing a hat
Port of Southampton*Wrestler and Joachim's teacher
Rhondda MineVery tall dark demon
WalesSapientes Gladio member, a big one
Florence*Wolf Bout 3 - Huge jerk
Manmariana IslandCarla's cat
SG Italian Branch HQLarge two-headed demon
SG Italian Branch HQ*Wolf Bout 4 - Very old human/wolf
Neam RuinsSentry guarding Emigre Manuscript
St. Marguerite Island*Wolf Bout 5 - In a tunnel
St. Marguerite IslandThat woman's demon who is part doberman
St. Marguerite IslandThat big guy again in demon form
PetrogradRasputin's assistant
Petrograd*Wolf Bout 6 - Alien emoticon user
Mirror CastleYuri's demon
Petrograd*Wolf Bout 7 - Bloodthirsty zombie
PetrogradThat woman's demon form
Idar FlammeBigger versions of random enemies
Idar FlammeRasputin transformed
Domremy*Wolf Bout 8 - Unfair 3 VS 1
Port of Southampton*Wrestler and Joachim's teacher (rematch)
Apoina TowerNicolai's inner demon
Battleship MikasaAnnoying Japanese soldier
Hojo Research LabBig machine fought with the Mutant Apes
Battleship Mikasa*Wolf Bout 9 - Annoying wooden wolf
Foreigner's Cemetery/OtherworldKurando's alternate form
OtherworldFloating baby head with hoarse voice
Nihonbashi*Wrestler and Joachim's teacher (rematch)
NihonbashiAstaroth's dinosaur-like spawn
Nihonbashi*Wolf Bout 10 - Pink fangirl
Hojo Research LabHojo's own invention
PurgatoryBaby head again
Inugami VillageAunt Saki transformed
Inugami Village*Wolf Bout 11 - Wolf of pride
Immortal Mountain*Wolf Bout 12 - King of Wolves
Immortal MountainNicolai again
Azabu KamiyashikiImmune to all P-Atks
Le Havre*Joachim's vampire sister
Queen's GardenBaby/Head/Leg/Arm creature
Queen's Garden*Protects the Nibelung Finale
Asuka Stone PlatformHien and Raiden's second form
Asuka Stone PlatformThe final boss and Kato's transformation
Neam Ruins*Really, really, weird creature
Tiffauges Castle*Wolf Bout 13 - He's old and back again
Tiffauges Castle*Yuri's near-ultimate fusion
Graveyard*Yuri's ultimate fusion
Doll House*Demon posing as Cornelia
Montmartre*Wolf Bout 15 - Ernest trans... in a wolf costume
Nihonbashi*Wrestler and Joachim's teacher (again)
Black Forest*Tricky white flower
Forest of Wind*Wolf Bout 14 - The King of Wolves again
Dog Shrine*Baby head one last time
Inugami Village*Saki VS Kurando
Goreme Valley*The Ultimate Boss

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