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A fine ceramic materialProtruding part of the face below the jaw
The opposite of dark, much light in a roomNot wrong, correct
An instrument used for telling timeA device used to seal things
A diacritic placed over an 'n'A slab of clay used to form things like walls
To eat A loud, unpleasant, prolonged noise
To drop from a heightEvery single one
Blood, guts, organs A solid material with valuable material inside
Describing the distance between surfaces far apartIt comes before tock
Tube pastaGross pimple on the skin
Expressions difficult to understand to othersThe eighteenth element, a noble gas
To murder anotherYour condition under an ailment
A decorative fabricA playing card
The thirty-second element of the periodic tableA cute flower
Two of these make one quartA large hole
Meaning something coming is almost hereA male offspring
Expectations, desire for something to happenAn agricultural tool
Leaves chewed/brewed in tea as a stimulantExpressing location or arrival somewhere
A red crustaceanA yellow vehicle
A word defining a thin cutting edgeAn instrument played by plucking strings
Ugly mythical creatureTurn over and over and move
A tube through which a liquid flowsA mark or stain
A white flying birdA female deer, or some other species' word for female
Strike forcefullyCut with rough, heavy blows
A digit, below seven'Yes' in Spanish
It helps make your breadThe direction on the right of a compass rose
Confusing, perplexing, intricateThe fifth month

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