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Can you name the lyrics to Maurice Sendak's 'Chicken Soup with Rice'?

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Beginning of lyric......ending of lyric
In January it's so nice
to sip hot chicken soup with rice.
In February it will be
with cake for him and soup for me!
In March the wind blows down the door
It laps it up and roars for more.
In April I will go away
and dream about hot soup all day.
In May I truly think it best
concoting soup inside my nest.
In June I saw a charming group
I pepped them up with chicken soup!
Beginning of lyric......ending of lyric
__________ into the cool and fishy deep
__________ Selling once selling twice selling chicken soup with rice
__________ I will become a cooking pot
__________ Cooking once cooking twice cooking chicken soup with rice.
__________ I will ride a crocodile
__________ Paddle once paddle twice paddle chicken soup with rice.
__________ to witches, goblins, and a ghost.
__________ Whoopy once whoopy twice whoopy chicken soup with rice.
__________ I will flop my flippy tail
__________ I'll be a whale! Spouting once spouting twice spouting chicken soup with rice.
__________ a baubled bangled Christmas tree
__________ Merry once merry twice merry chicken soup with rice.

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