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Not related to concrete properties of an object
pertaining to the value of art for its own sake or form
Anne And Andy
Gregor's hobby being a wodd worker
an effect created when words suggest and support two or more divergent interperatations
During the cold winter of 1942, I saw some kids playing XBOX
A brief story about an interesting, amusing, or strange event
Harry Potter
protgaonist of a literary work who does not have traditional trairs such as: bravery, honor, and kindness
Black-White, Hot-Cold
a general truth or observation about life, usually stated concisely
the readers
Ender developed and matured through the book making him a......
writer tells the story of another persons life
Gilligan's Island
a cat needs oatmeal like a snail needs salt
the effect created when all the elements of a literary work contribute to the central purpose of the work
Hamlet speaks to the ghost of his dead father
He did not treat the man but rather beat him to death
Soomeone says something that only the audience hears
A gramatical pause in a line of poetry often used to imitate natural speech rythem

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