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Can you name the following Marvel Villains when given their real name

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Wilson Fisk
Victor Von Doom
Max Eisenhardt
Norman Osborn
Otto Octavius
Victor Creed
Cletus Kasady
Eddie Brock
Raven Darkholme
Emil Blonsky
Cain Marko
Nathaniel Essex
Ophelia Sarkissian
Ulysses Klaw
Bentley Wittman
Adam Magus
Parker Robbins
Brock Rumlow
Anthony Masters
Zebediah Killgrave
Yuriko oyama
Curt Connors
Taneleer Tivan
Eric Williams
Gabriel Summers
Robert Hunter
Roderick Kingsley
Quintin Beck
Frank simpson
Kevin MacTaggert
Flint Marko
Maxwell Dillon
Ivan Kragoff
Arkady Rossovich
Todd Arliss
Frank Payne
Johann Schmidt
Carl Creel
Phillip Masters
Frederick Dukes
Morris Bench
Owen Reece
John Greycrow
Harvey Elder
Mark Scarlotti
Lancaster Sneed
Wilbur Day
Kenuichio Harada
Herman Schultz
Adrian Toomes
Peter Petruski
Edward Whelan
Aleksei Sytsevich
Dmitri Kravinoff
St John Allerdyce
En Dwi Gast
James Saunders
Larry Cranston
Mark Raxton
Fritz Von Meyer
En Sabah Nur
Cal'syee Neramani
Mary MacPherran
Billy Russo
Sergei Kravinoff
Lonnie Lincoln
Sinclair Abbot
Arthur Parks
David Cannon
Samuel Barone
Georges Batroc
Brian Calusky
Nathan Garrett
Chen Lu
Calvin Zabo
Mac Gargan
Eliot Franklin
Justine Hammer
Johnny Horton
Marcus Daniels
Mortimer Toynbee
Dominikos Petrakis
Karl Lykos
George Tarleton
Samuel Sterns
Jerome Beechman
Michael Baer
Steven Hudak
Bennet du Paris
Romulus Augustlus
Jeff Hagees
William Rolfson
Herbert Edgar
Franklin Hall
Miles Warren
Martin Li
Tomi Shishido
Tyler Dayspring
Plan Chu

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