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gram +ve, cocci, tiny spherical colonies, alpha haemolysis
+ve, bacillus, wispy colonies or swarms, anaerobic, alpha haemolytic
gram +ve, cocci, medium spherical colonies, beta haemolytic, lancefield positive
+ve, cocci, off-white colonies, coagulase negative, catalase positive
-ve, bacillus, very large colonies, green on nutrient agar
-ve, bacillus, large white colonies, red on MAC, yellow on CLED
-ve, cocci, needs CO2 to grow
+ve, bacillus, smelly colonies, anaerobic
gram +ve, cocci, orange colonies, coagulase and catalase positive
strongly gram positive, budding morphology
+ve, diplo-cocci, red on MAC, yellow on CLED
gram +ve, cocci, water clear sunken colonies, alpha haemolytic
+ve, curved bacillus, white/grey colonies, albert's stain positive
-ve, bacillus, anaerobic
-ve, bacillus, orange on MAC, blue on CLED

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