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Virulence factorsBacteria
extremely motile flagella, urease, adhesins, induction of IL-8, CagA which increases cell proliferation
large animal resevoir, genes for survival inside macrophages including effectors to inhibit phagosome maturation
adhesins, capsule, M-protein, C5a peptidase, hyaluronidase, streptolysins O+S, streptokinase, DNAse
alginate polysaccharide slime forms biofilms, drug efflux pumps
IgA protease, pnuemolysin, capsule
toxin adp-ribosylates EF-2, formation of pseudomembrane
acid resistant proteins, toxin attenuates inflammatory response, can trigger macrophage apoptosis
mycolic acid envelope, enzymes which subvert macrophages to eg, arrest trafficking, such as serine/threonine kinase
Virulence factorsBacteria
two secreted ribosylating toxinx that disrupt tight junctions and damage cells, formation of pseudomembranes
antiphagocytotic capsule, toxins to subvert macrophage function, endotoxin
colonises via adhesins, cholera-like toxin
pedestal formation, shiga-like toxin, 0157 serotype is predominant
flagellum, fimbrial adhesins, g-protein ribosylating toxin
exotoxins including andenylate cyclase ribosylator, FHA adhesins
pedestal formation, induction of inflamation
multiplies in macrophages by preventing phagosome-lysosome fusion, stimulates cytokine release

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