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Manager of Central Perk
Father of Ross and Monica
Mother of Ross and Monica
Oh my God!
Phoebe's twin sister
Ross's first ex-wife
Ross's first ex-wife's lesbian partner
The man Rachel almost married
Used to be Rachel's best friend
Lived in the apartment under Monica and Rachel
Italian guy who dated Rachel
Alcoholic who dated Monica
Dated Phoebe then went to Minsk
Mother of Chandler
Dated Ross then was left for Rachel
Monica and Rachel's Super
Joey's agent
Eye Doctor that dated Monica
Mother of Rachel
Father of Rachel
Crazy roomate of Chandler's
Phoebe's half brother
Ross thought he wanted to have sex with Rachel
Joanna's assistant
Rachel's boss at Bloomingdale's
Xerox girl
Millionaire that dated Monica and tried to be the Ultimate fighting Champion
Actress that Joey had a crush on
Chandler's boss
Phoebe's bald friend that dated Ross
Mother of Phoebe
Dated Joey and Chandler and cheated on both of them
Customer at Bloomingdale's that Rachel was obsessed with and proposed to
Ross's second wife that was English
Married Frank Buffay Jr
Dated Rachel, had a beard like a Yeti
Cop that dated Phoebe
Rachel's boss at Ralph Lauren
Rachel's female boss at Ralph Lauren
Joey's Australian Roomate
Rachel's Younger Sister
Father of a girl Ross dated
The Student Ross dated
Rachel's assistant
Father of Chandler
Dated Phoebe and almost married Ursula
Ross's girlfriend that worked at Monica's resturant
Ross and Rachel's daughter
Phoebe's second husband
Rachel's older sister
Rachel's fellow Ralph Lauren employee
Paleontologist that dated Ross
Surrogate mother for Monica and Chandler
The biggest of Joey and Chandler's 2 animals
The other of Joey and Chandler's animals
Ross's Monkey
Ross's Son
Frank Jr and Alice's son
Frank Jr and Alice's daughter named after one of the friends
Frank Jr and Alice's other daughter

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