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It's a terrible shock being married for 25 years and finding out your _ _ _ _
'I suppose a _ is out of the question?'
'Did you not see me over by the _ ?'
'An Irish sailor wasn't good enough for you, what? And will Sinbad the Spanish sailor pay for Burgess' _ _I wonder'
'You cried during the _ _'
'You're tormented? You've made me the laughing stock of Barrystown, I can't go out without being jeered at. You're tormented? You _ ya!
'What if it's a girl, and it looks like _ _ '
Quote Quote
'Get out of me way ya _ _'
'I'm after naming her _!'
'Lets see her get into those _ now!'
'On the _, I love you!'
'Sharon Curely's _ _ _'
'You know what I'd like to do with these don't you Burgess? _ _ !

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