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QUIZ: Can you name the Top 5 ADP Players by Teams (2011 Yahoo Fantasy Baseball)?

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TeamsPlayersPosition/ Overall Rank
RangersBatter (B)/ 20th
 B/ 28th
 B/ 30th
 B/ 43rd
 Pitcher (P)/ 70th
AthleticsP/ 132nd
 P/ 134th
 P/ 138th
 P/ 170th
 B/ 195th
AngelsB/ 53rd
 P/ 81st
 P/ 89th
 B/ 119th
 B/ 123rd
MarinersP/ 23rd
 B/ 51st
 B/ 124th
 P/ 167th
 B/ 252nd
TwinsB/ 34th
 B/ 59th
 P/ 78th
 B/ 94th
 B/ 156th
White SoxB/ 47th
 B/ 64th
 B/ 65th
 B/ 96th
 B/ 125th
TigersB/ 3rd
 B/ 42nd
 P/ 60th
 P/ 101st
 P/ 157th
IndiansB/ 29th
 B/ 115th
 P/ 162nd
 B/ 196th
 B/ 259th
RoyalsB/ 55th
 P/ 74th
 B/ 193rd
 B/ 258th
 B/ 264th
RaysB/ 5th
 P/ 57th
 B/ 80th
 B/ 104th
 B/ 183rd
TeamsPlayersPosition/ Overall Rank
YankeesB/ 9th
 B/ 16th
 B/ 17th
 B/ 50th
 P/ 56th
Red SoxB/ 10th
 B/ 12th
 B/ 21st
 B/ 25th
 P/ 40th
Blue JaysB/ 36th
 P/ 113th
 B/ 139th
 B/ 145th
 B/ 155th
OriolesB/ 88th
 B/ 100th
 B/ 103rd
 B/ 108th
 B/ 117th
GiantsP/ 26th
 B/ 38th
 P/ 72nd
 P/ 82nd
 B/ 107th
PadresP/ 73rd
 P/ 84th
 P/ 220th
 P/ 247th
 P/ 270th
RockiesB/ 4th
 B/ 8th
 P/ 48th
 P/ 150th
 P/ 203rd
DodgersB/ 22nd
 P/ 37th
 B/ 54th
 B/ 106th
 P/ 114th
DiamondbacksB/ 32nd
 B/ 86th
 B/ 91st
 B/ 97th
 P/ 110th
RedsB/ 6th
 B/ 45th
 B/ 62nd
 B/ 76th
 P/ 151st
TeamsPlayersPosition/ Overall Rank
CardinalsB/ 1st
 B/ 27th
 B/ 99th
 P/ 102nd
 P/ 164th
BrewersB/ 7th
 B/ 18th
 P/ 41st
 B/ 49th
 P/ 79th
AstrosB/ 58th
 B/ 122nd
 P/ 143rd
 B/ 154th
 P/ 207th
CubsP/ 61st
 B/ 71st
 B/ 116th
 B/ 137th
 B/ 153rd
PiratesB/ 31st
 B/ 83rd
 B/ 149th
 B/ 163rd
 P/ 210th
PhilliesB/ 13th
 P/ 14th
 B/ 15th
 P/ 35th
 B/ 39th
BravesB/ 33rd
 B/ 44th
 B/ 52nd
 P/ 68th
 B/ 90th
MarlinsB/ 2nd
 P/ 46th
 B/ 85th
 B/ 180th
 P/ 181st
MetsB/ 11th
 B/ 24th
 B/ 120th
 B/ 126th
 P/ 141st
NationalsB/ 19th
 B/ 63rd
 B/ 112th
 P/ 166th
 B/ 189th

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