Sports Quiz / Anagrams of the top scorers in the Premier League 13/14

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Anagrams over players with over 8 goals in the 13/14 premier league season

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Dozen dike
Ninetieth backers
Yo yawner one
Villain masker
Laz usuries
Crotch puree
Inspire on brave
Llama anal ad
Mayor arenas
Anger overload
Adios skull kop
Your jig razed
Yo mamba unreeled a
Our mukluk ale
My recoil
Own birdie fly
Ateary you
Gooier augers
Die vigour roil
Erudite darlings
Brick material
General hermits
Darned haze
New neck badly
Surreal drench
Danger reverts
A loose mute
So car

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