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died in Hephaestus's dump
Outrages Annabeth with her not-riddles
daughter of Bellona
her followers are the arai
kills the drakon in the last olympian
Has a large background, including roman chinese and others
has three sets of shoulders
was sent to Ogygia by Khione
hit Kronos with a hair brush
Coach Hedge's wife
Hates Piper
The fastest horse in the world
was told his fatal flaw by Athena
the two brother's father is Hermes
Her dad is a movie star.
A cheerleading empousai
A former leader of the Aphrodite cabin
He was taken by Hera twice
The bratty snow goddess
Came back from the dead after living in the 40s
is secretly the master of the labyrinth, [answer with camp half blood name]
goddess of crossroads
Loves opera
thinks he's a janitor but is really a titan
Prophesized to be Kronos' killer, but becomes a hunter of Artemis.
Sends Clarisse on the quest of the sea of monsters
Trying to re-create the labriynth
Tried to marry Grover
Try to put on a better show than Bachus
Was covered in rocks and died
Pollux is the son of?
can be called by a whistle
Trying to take over the world
loves enchiladas
Annabeth's least favorite goddess
Gaea's husband
Was given a knife by Luke Castellen
His mom tried to become the oracle, but failed
likes watching Annabeth make things go boom.
gets signs from teddy bears
stuck on the island of Ogygia
can memorize anything
loves baseball bats
Goddess of the night
The peace giant

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