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Can you Answers all of the questions inSonic test?

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Who are the members of team rose?
Who is Shadow's only friend?
How old is Sonic?
Who is Sonic's bestfriends?
Who is Sonic's Sister?
Who is Creams mother?
What is the name of Sonic's brother?
Who was with Sonic in sonic 1?
Does Sonic have a girlfriend or not
Who are Sally's parents?
Who does Sonic like?
Are Eggman and Robotnik the same person or not
What is the name of Sonic's dad?
Who is the last echidna?
Who kills Sonic in sonic 06?
Who is Sonic's mother?
HintAnswerCorrect Answers
What is the name of Sonic's Anti?
What game did Soloris First appear?
Ibis and ??. make ???
Who are the robots with eggman in sonic boom?
Who stole the master emerald in Sonic 3?
Who's older Amy or Knuckles
Who does Silver like?
Who is after Aleena in sonic underground?
Who likes Sonic?
Where does Sonic live?
Do Amy and Sally like each other?
Who are the members of team dark?
Why is Sonic's childhood bad?
Who is Sonic's rival?
Who are the members of team sonic?

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