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The people, places and events of the Wars of the Roses

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Forced Order
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Who was the King at the beginning of the Wars?
And his infamous Queen?
For which house did they fight?
Which house was the opposing faction?
Lead by whom?
They traced their lineage back to John of Gaunt, son of which King?
In which year did the Wars of the Roses begin?
Which battle is generally known as the First of the Wars of the Roses?
Which Duke of Somerset commanded the Lancastrian forces?
In which year was King Henry VI first removed from the throne?
Whom was he replaced by?
Which of the King's brothers defected to the Lancastrian side?
He married Isabel, daughter of whom?
In which year did Henry VI regain his throne?
At which battle, in 1471, was 'The Kingmaker' killed?
After this, at which battle did Edward of Westminster, Henry VI's heir, die?
To secure Edward's throne, Anne Neville was married to which of his brothers?

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