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Forced Order
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'You know, I'm a dreamer'
'A baby cries. A cop dies.'
'Love from a shotgun, license to kill'
'Time and time of being told, trash is all i'm worth'
'introduced me to her lover in a cellophane dress'
'put me to work in the school book store'
'i'm no puppet, I engrave my veins with style'
'Paper said you shot a man'
'Some live the violence, some use submission'
'your love's a guillotine'
''I'm hot, young, running free'
'I try like hell, I'm out of control'
'Until you, gimme something to believe in'
'Top fuel funny car's a drug for me'
'Frankie died just the other night, some say it was suicide'
'Well now I'm supercharged, might just explode in your face'
'He'll tell you he's the king of these barrio streets
'I said hey, you, what-cha gonna do, when time runs out on you'
We were walkin' through some youth, smilin' through some pain''
'Now she's bulletproof, keeps her motor clean'

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