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What was the name of the Ricardo's elderly neighbor/babysitter?
In 'Lucy Meets Harpo Marx', what song does Harpo perform?
Lucy's cousin Ernie is from this town in Tennessee
What is the address of the Mertz's apartment building?
What was Lucy arrested for in Paris?
What was the name of the ship the Ricardos and Mertzes took to Europe?
What was the name of nightclub where Ricky was employed before he purchased it?
In Hollywood, what actor's yard does Lucy try to steal a grapefruit from?
Because of Lucy, what comedian got hit on the head by a baseball at Yankee Stadium?
What night of the week was 'I Love Lucy' telecast?
In Hollywood, what actor does Lucy encounter at the Brown Derby?
What ladies club did Lucy and Ethel belong to?
Who did Lucy and Ethel pretend to be atop the Empire State Building?
What did Lucy try to smuggle home from Europe disguised as a baby?
What movie was Ricky making in Hollywood?
What was the name of Ricky's piano player?
In Hollywood, what actor hides out in the apartment above the Ricardos?
Little Ricky was performed by this young actor
What is the name of Lucy's hometown?
What actor's footprints does Lucy and Ethel steal from Grauman's Chinese Theatre?
What is the last name of the Ricardo's neighbors in Connecticut?
Lucy's cousin Ernie is played by this musician
What is Lucy's maiden name?
How did Lucy get aboard the ship she missed to Europe?
What condiment did Lucy put on her escargot in Paris?
Who was Ricky's boss at the nightclub?
How were Fred and Ethel going to get home from Hollywood after Ricky forgot to buy their train tickets?
Who was the major sponsor of 'I Love Lucy'?
What was the last name of Lucy's friend Caroline?
What was the name of the bellboy in Hollywood?
What was the name of Ricky's uncle in Cuba?
Lucy and Ethel visit a casino in this city
Lucille Ball was how old when the series began?
What was the name of the salad dressing Lucy and Ethel tried selling?
'I Love Lucy' was based on this radio program
What was the name of the pageant performed at Little Ricky's school?
What is Ethel's maiden name?
What was the name of the tonic in 'Lucy does a tv commercial'?
While in Hollywood the Ricardos and Mertzs stayed in this hotel
What type of fish did the couples 'catch' in Florida?

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