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Name the Italian town where Lucy went to 'soak' up color
Dressed as a hillbilly, Lucy graced the cover of this popular magazine
What year were Lucy and Ricky married?
When Lucy played the Mertzes' maid, what name did she use?
On what movie set did Lucy and Desi meet?
What lyrical line follows 'I am the good king Lancelot'?
What song did Lucy perform with twin boys for an amateur contest?
How many half hour episodes of I Love Lucy were produced?
What was Ethel's first job in the candy factory?
Where was Caroline Appleby heading when she stopped over in Hollywood?
What movie was John Wayne plugging when he guest starred?
What was the so-called specialty of the house at the motel dining room in Ohio?
Who was the professional golfer the played with Lucy and Ethel?
Name the Italian film Lucy was hired to be in
Ricky bought pearls for Lucy from this neighbor
How much rice did Ricky cook for dinner in the episode 'Job Switching'?
Who were the Yankees playing when Lucy encountered Bob Hope?
What movie star touched an orange that Lucy picked up at the Farmers Market?
What did Lucy order for lunch at the Brown Derby?
According to Ricky, what word is the same in English, Spanish and French?
How many trips to Staten Island did Lucy and Fred take aboard the ferry?
What did William Holden have for lunch when he encountered Lucy?
What film was William Holden plugging whe he guest starred?
What was the snooper's helper?

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