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Arc NameStory NameStory info
Galaxia ArcThe first Gameverse story.
Malladus ArcUno Family background revealed.
Davy Jones ArcEva's past revealed.
Giant Fanny ArcFanny has anger issues.
Dr. Eggman ArcHoagie makes a new friend.
Rachel's Opposite ArcIntroducing Lehcar.
Firstborn SagaThe finale of the First Series.
Evil Opposite ArcThe first major Nextgen story.
Minish Door ArcTwo friends get small!
Viridi's Return ArcA bully gets downsized.
Phosphora ArcViridi's first henchman.
Arlon ArcIntroducing Kami's daughter.
Alternate Timeline ArcSunni and Darcy make a mistake.
Halloween ArcThe Halloween special.
Cyberspace ArcVanellope appears!
Termina ArcBased on a Zelda adventure.
Floran Invasion ArcFinale of the Viridi Saga.
(sector name) ArcCrossovers from One Piece.
(sector name) ArcCrossovers from Bleach.
Arc NameStory NameStory info
Christmas ArcSuki appears!
Mogul's Return ArcA villain returns.
(sector name) ArcA sector from Arabia.
Wendy ArcA mysterious blue-haired girl...
Punk Hazard ArcA mad scientist schemes...
Into the Nexus ArcNebula's grand adventure.
Candied Island ArcThe KND faces a Candy Pirate Empress.
Negaverse ArcMeanwhile, down below...
Tenrou Valley ArcThe story of three sisters...
Seven Lights SagaThe ultimate adventure...
Voyage ArcThe calm before the battle...
New World ArcThe final journey, the final battle...
(story name) Arc)The beginning of a new era!
(sector name) ArcA sector of magic!
Horror's Hand ArcAnother crazy Halloween.
(sector name) ArcThese kids are quite rich!
Araea ArcThe 2nd Zelda adventure.
World Rings ArcSector SA's great adventure.
Four Emperors ArcA war of the most powerful pirates.

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