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Forced Order
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'The Desians killed your mother in order to take it from her.'
'I see the education level in Sylvarant matches the status of the world.'
'Then... I was deceived!'
'Grr! Stupid, stupid Lloyd!'
I've lost all confidence as a man.'
'Zelos! Why the hell did you get in the way?!'
'You mustn't call her a monster!'
'Must you always seek a fight?'
'I just want a fun, easy life. Nothing more, nothing less.'
'People need not introduce themselves to a dog.'
'Mother is in this house?'
'There's no way that a superior half-elf such as I could have such a fool of a father!'
' clumsy.'
'I'm so happy to see you again before I disappear...'
'Genis, you were like a grandson to me. Thank you... goodbye.'
'Kratos, you pathetic, inferior being!'
'Pronyma, you tricked me!'
'Is Kilia safe?'
'I wondered how a human could exude the smell of mana... you're Kratos...'
'What we need is you, Lloyd Irving!'
'Mithos! Please...'
'What an incredibly corny speech. Congratulations.'
'No! I refuse to be saved by grandma's murderer!'

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