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Credited with developing modern atomic theory
Discovered the law of conservation of mass; the 'father of modern chemistry'
Discovered the law relating the pressure and volume of a gas
Discovered the law relating the temperature and volume of a gas
Discovered the relationship between the volume of a gas and the total number of gas particles; the constant number of particles per mole of a substance is named for him
Discovered the electron using cathode rays; devised the plum-pudding model of the atom
Determined the charge of the electron through his oil drop experiment
Discovered the nucleus and proton through his gold foil experiment
Discovered the neutron
Best known for his equation of state for liquids and gases, the forces between stable molecules are named for him
Created the first version of the modern periodic table of elements and used it to predict undiscovered elements
She is famous for her research on radioactivity, for which she won Nobel prizes both in Phyics and Chemistry
The founder of quantum theory, he discovered that electromagnetic energy could only be emitted in discrete packets
Theorized that electrons circle the nucleus in discrete orbits; later developed the electron shell model and used it to explain periodicity
He won a Nobel Prize for his exclusion principle
First suggested the existence of isotopes
Described electrons as wavefunctions instead of point particles; devised a famous cat-related thought experiment
Devised quantum theory's uncertainty principle
This Frenchman postulated particle-wave duality
He won a Nobel Prize for the discovery of nuclear fission
Though she discovered nuclear fission alongside the man above, she was overlooked by the Nobel committee for purely personal reasons
Remembered as one of the two fathers of the atomic bomb for his work on the Manhattan Project, he created the first nuclear reactor to initiate a self-sustained chain reaction
This second father of the atomic bomb, remembered for his work on the Manhattan Project, quoted the Bhagavad Gita: 'Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.'
He won a Nobel Prize for his research on transuranium elements, ten of which he discovered
Famous for his diagrams, he also pioneered quantum computing
The 'God particle,' the 'most sought-after particle in modern physics,' is named after this man

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