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Can you name the Name the winners of Death Battle

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LoserWinnerFinal Attack
Boba FettHead Blast
Shang TsungRaging Demon
Woner WomanDrain Life
Goomba, KoopaDraw/ Goomba vs. Koopa
Mike HaggarSpinning Piledriver
Donatelllo, Raphael, MichelangeloDouble Kill
ZitzBody Slice
RiptorCounter/ Dropped Off Cliff
FeliciaClaw Slice
KratosPalm Spike To Face
BombermanHarpoon Stab/ Killing Enemy With Own Weapon
Shadow The HedgehogFinal Flash
MarioSpin Dash
Justin Bieber, Rebecca BlackDraw/ Justin Bieber vs. Rebecca Black
Harry PotterShatterpoint/ Saberthrow
LoserWinnerFinal Attack
Chun-LiFlame Blast
Starscream (G1)Hyper Dash
DoomguySticky Grenade
Dr. Wily, Dr. EggmanDr. Eggman vs. Dr. Wily/ Both Defeated
Princess ZeldaMega Strike Empress
RaidenExploding Oppenents Legs/ Tossing Rest Of Oppenent Into The Sun
Cloud StrifeBombs/ Downward Slash
BatmanWeb Entanglement/ Sling Shot Kick Exploding Body
PikachuEating Opponent
GokuInfinite Mass Punch
Lion-ODestroying Eye Of Thundera/ Giant Clothsline/ Stomp
M. BisonRipping Opponent In Half/ Absorbing Soul
Ryu HayabusaNinja Ending Duel
Ivy ValentineUltra Combo/ Turning Opponent Into A Frog

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