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Can you give obvious answers and learn nothing (for fun)?

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HintObvious AnswerExtra
Was this the first question you answered?
What is the name of this website?
What category is listed 2 spots below History? (don't click on anything)
Who authored this quiz?
Spell out how many questions are in this quiz?
How do you spell something?
Fill in the blanks: Ra_dom Qu_z?
What basic color is the PLAY button?
What button is right of Tweet and Email?
What button is left of Tweet?
What is this column labelled as?
What is the third column labelled as?
Sporcle Live has The_e Ni_hts?
You can search Quizzes and what?
Can you click How To Play and type the numbers you see in the note?
The challenge button is orange. What color are the letters?
The last thing under the Quiz Lab tab is the _____ picks?
Can I get your (note) number?
What day of the week is it today?
Achievements are in the form of b_d_es?
What month is it?
What is this note number?
What is the first thing under the Create tab?
Can you type sporcle backwards?
What was the original starting timer for this quiz in seconds?
HintObvious AnswerExtra
What the note is going on here?
What color is red?
Extra does not mean what? (read the extras for the answer)
What is the chemical formula for benzene, or just type benzene?
Can I get another note answer?
The sign left of 'How To Play' is what shape?
How many categories are there in categories?
What category is this quiz in, that starts with a J?
The answer to this question is obvious?
What is the note answer now?
What 4-letter word rhymes with mandy, candy, randy and x-andy?
What basic color are the letters and border of the Follow button?
Can you answer the next question before this one?
The word WHEEL cleverly hides a body part. What is it?
Person with a keyboard typed what note number?
At the very bottom of the screen, under Elsewhere, what is the very bottom thing that it says?
Can you type the capital of Lesotho or the word yes?
Sporcle's tagline is ment_ly stimulat_ng di_rsions?
Type a fruit that starts with O?
Can you type the word bonus?
Note-able answer?
What is Milla Jovavich's first name?
When you click on the Bell, the word at the top is Notifi__ions?
Are we there yet?
Have you 'note'd the time?

From the Vault

Word Smuggling III

by MrChewypoo

Sure these words are great smugglers, but can they do the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs?
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