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house, place of residence
gap, perforation
desire, wish
head of Roman Catholic church
deal with problems and difficulties
cloak; or an extension of land jetting into water
sweet baked dessert, often with icing
prepare, carry out, enact
counterfeit, false
Hall of ____
inevitable, final outcome
____ Domino
nocturnal flying mammals
washing or soaking body in a tub
numbers and their operations
flying insect, similar to butterfly
relating to or being two; ____ of us
nonsense, foolish talk or activity
elegant, fashionable
a pillar or pole; or to publish a message on an online forum
greatest in quantity
drizzle, very light rain
fail to make contact
clumps of plants often found in a bog or swamp
throw or fling
digits on the feet
fixed charges, sums paid
terminal position of the legs; or a unit of measurement
very soft cloth
knock, cut down
a deep hole sunk into the earth to obtain water
narrate, say, inform
green/blue color; or a type of duck
tropical tree common in furniture building
group of people linked for a common purpose

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