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Can you name the Name the 'A Song Of Ice And Fire Characters' in this A-Z?

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AMad King
BSon of Winterfell
CQueen of Westeros
DOne armed blacksmith in the Night's Watch
ELord of the North
FArcher in the Brotherhood of Kingswood
GThe Mountain that rides
HLackwit stableboy
IA Magister in Pentos
JThe Kingslayer
KBrother to the Lord of Casterly Rock
LThe Knight of Flowers
MKing Beyond the Wall
NDirewolf of Arya Stark
OThe Red Viper of Dorne
PInitially Master Of Coin
QSoldier of the Night's Watch
RKing of Westeros
SDaugher of Eddard Stark
TThe dwarf
USteward of Riverrun
VAn Ironborn
WLord of the Crossing
XMerchant Prince in Qarth
YWildling 'kissed by fire'
ZMember of the Brave Companions

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