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______ Mella, Ex Extraordinary Wizard
Wolf Boy's First Name
_______, preservation and protection scribe
Planned name for Book Six
Queen ___________, Ghost, Marcellus Pye's mother
Name of the Second Book
Ephaniah _____ , Half Rat Half Human
Chapter 11 book 5
What Beetle Goes to check on everyday wuth his Sledge
_______ Djinn, name of the chief Hermetic scribe
Jim ____, Jinnee from Book Five
The Kind of Ring Merrin give his Thing as part of a contract
Name of the First Book
_____ Heap, Septimus' Older Brother
Marcia _____ , Extraordinary Wizard
Name of the Third Book
Name of the Fourth Book
What Kind of Animal is Stanley
Name of Book Five
Petroc ______, Jenna's pet rock
Snorri Snorrelssen's pet cat
The Colour of Jenna's eyes
Port ______ Coven
Apprentice to the E________ Wizard
Supreme Custodians _______ Army
Aunt ________, White Witch

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