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_____ GabrielA
one of Santa Reindeer Also Known as BlixenB
Santa ______, Santa's last nameC
One of Santa Reindeer Also Known as DunderD
Santa's HelpersE
One of the Three Kings Brought This As A GiftF
And the Guys in the NYPD choir were singing _______ Bay, Finish the Song LineG
King _____, Ordered that Every New Born Baby Should Be KilledH
Sharp Ice Which Hangs From RoofsI
Christmas Celebrates this Persons BirthdayJ
2009 Christmas Number 1 by Rage Against The Machine K
Cindy _____ Who. Little Girl in How the Grinch Stole ChristmasL
Festive Plant Which People Kiss UnderM
_______ Holder , Famous Singer of IT'S CHRISTMASN
_________________ Joyful and Triumphant, Finish the Song LineO
One of Santa's Reindeer Beginning with PP
5 Letter Word for what Santa has to be to Deliver Presents to Every Child in the World in One Night Q
The Red Nosed ReindeerR
Dr. _______, Author of How the Grinch Stole ChristmasS
The ________ RonniesT
What Fred calls Ebenezer ScroogeU
One of Santa's Reindeer beggining with VV
Walking in a Winter ________, finish the song lineW
Another Name for ChristmasX
_______ Log, A Festive Chocolatte TreatY
The Magi are said to be of this Oriental religionZ

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