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hintanswerextra info
princesssame age as septimus
extra ordinary wizardlikes pointy python shoes
evil necromanceronce alther mella's master
the extra ordinary wizard before marcianow a ghost
septimus heap's mumsally mullins best friend
septimus heap's dadplays counter-feet with gringe
dragon boat keeperhas a boggart
cat belonging to the female traderturns into a panther at night
septimus heap's dragonlive in the wizard tower courtyard
14 year old female traderspirit seer
simon heap's girlfriendwears a blue cloak given to her by simon
north gate gatekeeperplays counter-feet with silas
domdaniel's second apprenticeone of septimus heap's brothers
hintanswerextra info
extra ordinary wizard's apprenticewere's a green tunic
domdaniels first apprenticeonce thought he was septimus heap
boat yard employeelucy gringe's brother
friend of septimus heap and old young army cadetlives in the forest
second eldest heap childlives in the forest
north gate gatekeepers wifehate's rats
cafe ownerbest friend to sarah heap
heap twinslive in forest
one of the heap childrenhas a girlfriend called marissa
septimus heaps best friend and manuscriptum scribenamed after a bug
owner of boatyardremembers every boat shes fixed
boat yard employeeone of septimus heap's brothers

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