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What comes with a packet of chocolate frogs
Which floor of hogwarts was the forbidden corridor
What is the surname of harrys aunt and uncle
Who was awarded the 10 house points that won griffindor the house championship
What bronze wizard coin begins with the letter K
What does hagrid buy harry as an 11th birthday present
Who set snape's robes on fire
What magical device are 1st years not allowed
What chess piece does ron play as against Mcgonagall's giant piece's
How many house points does slytherin finish the year on
Wingardium leviosa is a charm that does what to object's
In the practical exam what fruit did the students have to make tap dance
Whose wand got stuck up a trolls nose on hallowe'en night
Who is the minister for magic
What is proffesor Mcgonagall's first name

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