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She told him she'd rather fix her makeup than try to fix what's going on...The Beautiful Letdown
Hello, good morning, how you do? What makes your rising sun so new?Learning to Breathe
The static comes in slow, you can feel it grow...Hello Hurricane
All rise, all fall. I'll fail you all...Nothing is Sound
The world begins with new born skin. We are right now.Hello Hurricane
There's a song inside my soul, it's the one I've tried to write over and over again...New Way to Be Human
Is this the new year or just another night? Is this a new fear or just another fight?Nothing is Sound
I wanna sing one for all the dreamers. I'm singing this one for the sparksHello Hurricane
Welcome to the planet. Welcome to existence...The Beautiful Letdown
Another day, another sunrise, another factory call...Oh! Gravity
Another couple kids with their heads on top. Just another stranger, just another plot.Vice Verses
A day in LA and millions of faces are looking for a movement...Learning to Breathe
Opening LyricsSongAlbum
I've got my memories, always inside of me. But I can't go back, back to how it was.The Best Yet
Please don't be so naive. You know you're not fooling anyone...Oh! Gravity
Mike was right when he said I've put up a fight to be someone, a fight to be me...New Way to Be Human
What's it gonna take to slow us down? To let the silence spin us around?The Beautiful Letdown
All attempts have failed. All my heads are tails.Hello Hurricane
I've tasted fire. I'm ready to come alive.Vice Verses
Maybe I've been the problem. Maybe I'm the one to blame.Nothing is Sound
Fumbling in his confidence and wondering why the world has passed him by.The Beautiful Letdown
When success is acquainted with excess, the ambition for excess wrecks us. Oh! Gravity
Bleeding thoughts. Cracking boulder. Don't fall over.Legend of Chin
Put your hands up, open wide. Put your hands up side by side.Vice Verses
_______, give yourself away. Look up at the rain, a beautiful display of power and surrender...Nothing is Sound

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