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VerbPast ParticipleMeaning
habento have
seinto be
abbiegento turn (to)
anrufento call
beginnento begin
bekommento get
bleibento stay
bringento bring
einladento invite
einsteigento get in, board
essento eat
fahrento drive to
findento find
fließento flow
gebento give
gefallento like
gehento go
gewinnento win
heißento be called
helfento help
kennento know (people)
kommento come
VerbPast ParticipleMeaning
laufento run
leihento loan
lesento read
liegento lie, be located
nehmento take
scheinento shine
schlagento beat
schreibento write
schwimmento swim
sehento see
singento sing
sitzento sit
sprechento speak
stehento stand
tragento carry
treffento meet
treibento do (sports)
trinkento drink
tunto do
umziehento change clothes
verlassento leave
wissento know (facts)
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Tags:German Quiz, participle, past, Verb

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