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What is a Riesen-Ding?
What is Bienenstich?
What is Wienerschnitzel?
What is Essig
What are Spätzle?
What are Mandeln?
What are Gurken?
What are Gemüse?
What are Apfelsinen?
What is Pichelsteiner?
What are Pilze?
When is the main meal of the day in Germany?
What is the most popular food eaten for breakfast in Germany?
What is the german name for finely shredded cabbage?
What meat is soaked in vinegar, then roasted?
What drink is made with fruit and alcohol?
Where do university students often eat?
When would you eat Abendbrot?
What is the main ingredient of beer soup?
In what building is a Ratskeller located?
Germans from which area drink a lot of tea?
What is the most popular German drink?
What would you buy in a Metzgerei/Fleischerei?
What kind of edible house is popular during Christmas?
What city is famous for Lebkuchen?
What is the specialty of the Wienerwald restaurants?
What kind of meat is there in Frankfurter Crown?
What kind of berries are Erdbeeren?
What flavour is a Sachertorte?
On which part of the menu would you find Eis?
What kind of a product is Quark?
How many eggs are bought in a box in Germany?
Which animal does Schinken come from?
When would you eat Frühstuck?
What is a table for regular customers called?
What ingredients are in Himmel und Erde?
What kind of an egg is a Spiegelei
What are the principal ingredients of Rouladen?
What vegetables are normally white, red or green?
What kind of meat is a falscher Hase made from?
Which holiday is Stollen baked for?
What is the most popular Christmas meat dish?
Which country is the third largest exporter of cheese?
Which dish isn't cooked at all?
What colours are German asparagus?
Which eating utensils are crosswise above the plate on a German table?
When is Jause eaten?
When are cakes and tortes traditionally eaten?

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