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Opening LyricSong TitleAlbum
She ain't no ball and chainIxnay
Ballroom scene, but the fire underneath, gonna eat you alive, gonna bring you to your kneesSplinter
Every girl's a story Call it morning glory She works at the pink ponyDays Go By
If you could only read my mindCO1
AH F***! F*** F*** F***!Ignition
I am the one, camouflage and gunsRise and Fall, Rage and Grace
Nothing changes cause it's all the same, The world you get's the one you give awayIxnay
Let's make this complicated, thinking is overratedRise and Fall, Rage and Grace
Once I had a friend that I could count on Well so I thought So it seemedThe Offspring
Our lives run different ways Through the rain I see you in the sunSmash
I am waiting On a mountaintop For the moment that the sky will strikeSplinter
Show me how to lieRise and Fall, Rage and Grace
One is for envy And one just for spite The cuts in my heart They show in your eyesRise and Fall, Rage and Grace
Look at me I'm fallin' off of a cliff nowIxnay
Once you said you'd stick to it until the end I guess you lied, then call it suicideIgnition
My friend's got a girlfriend, man he hates that bitchAmericana
Take me for a ride, I'm the one you pushed aside but it's coming back to you yeah it's coming back to youDays Go By
Time to go and get our kicks, dropping out and getting in the mixSingle (Hopefully New Album This Year)
Lay awake I don't give a **** If I even ever wake up in the morningAmericana
Until the break of dawnCO1
The winds of fortune don't blow the sameSplinter
I think I'm burning up inside I think I'll take a little rideIgnition
Hey man you know I'm really okaySmash
Time has washed away And now I may wonder How did it all slip by Cause I always thought we had foreverThe Offspring
Opening LyricSong TitleAlbum
How does it feel? When you have it all? How can you live? With nothing at all?Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace
I believe that reality's gone Disillusion's real I believe that morality's gone And there's nothing to feelSmash
Deep inside your soul there's a hole you don't wanna seeSplinter
On the way Trying to get where I'd like to say I'm always feeling steered away By someone trying to tell me what to say and doIxnay
This time you're really dead Once followed, but always ledRise and Fall, Rage and Grace
Hey, you're a riddle I say as I move aside Like I really need your adviceIgnition
I’ll be the one, spin me around Lifting you up, and holding me downDays Go By
Well i'd like to tell you all about my dream, it's a placeAmericana
I hate a lot of things I hate a lot of people that are lameIxnay
When the day begins All the guilt sinks in And I look on the wreckage of the nightRise and Fall, Rage and Grace
I wrote her off for the tenth time todaySmash
Well our souls are all mistaken in the same misguided way We all end up forsaken, we're just choosing our own waySplinter
In this world of hate and shallowness Where enemies become your consolation And those of us who win the game give up their minds I don't call that winningThe Offspring
He's a pistol grip And a lightning rod hammer stepSmash
Ok, ya ya ya ya yaIxnay
When you won't go along Some will feel like you can't find your way Heaven knows Heaven knows I've seen itIgnition
She wakes up Rage and grace Pulling me closer, pushing awayRise and Fall, Rage and Grace
Hitting walls for a feet With our friends and we hear this free All the dogs, dropping bombsCO1
I can't stand it for another day When you live so many miles awayHidden Track on Greatest Hits
All I want All I need Always lies just out of reach I've been coming up emptySplinter
i look at my self, the person in the mirror is asking me, asking me why i lie to myselfSummer Nationals
Maybe in another life I could find you thereIxnay
Sometimes I think I'm gonna drown Cause everyone around's so hollow I'm aloneIxnay
I'm getting edgy all the time There's someone around me just a step behindSmash
I won't **** with_____Splinter

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