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Episode TitlesShow
A Hit is a Hit, Whitecaps, Long Term Parking
Eyes Wide Open, The Mud Bowl, The Son
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, Shut the Door, Have a Seat, The Suitcase
Let's Give the Boy a Hand, Dirty Harry, My Bad
Game Day, Final Grades, Duck and Cover
The Other 48 Days, The Brig, Namaste
Grilled, Half Measures, Crawl Space
In Excelsis Deo, Two Cathedrals, 17 People
Episode TitlesShow
Circles, Bottom Bitch, Kavanaugh
Hybristophilia, Conjugal, Closing Arguments
John the Revelator, NS, Gilead
Baelor, Lord Snow, A Golden Crown
Wassup, Solace, Do Not Sleep With Your Autistic Nephew's Therapist
33, Fragged, Blood on the Scales
21, Paris Green, Anastasia

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