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Forced Order
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'and I thought the end of the world couldn't get any worse'
'that is so Welsh'
'their heads must explode all the time'
'at least i won't get pregnant, not doing that again!'
'yes, that would be me, sorry i'm a twat'
'risen mitten, life knife and that old favourite - stun gun'
(how'd you know that?) 'I know everything! And it says so on the bottom of the screen'
'she knows more about this place than i do. No-one knows more than i do!'
'with eyes like yours? you can call me Vera and i won't complain'
'CSI Cardiff, I'd like to see that. They'd be measuring the velocity of a kebab'
'no phones, phones all broken. hello, anyone there? no, cause the phones aren't working!'
'and ... RAT JAM'
'sometimes a little technobabble is good for the soul!'
'have you seen a blowfish driving a sports car?'
'of course bananas are far more interesting'
'bananas make me vomit'
'pizza, Ianto, save the world a couple of times'
'Something from the dawn of time, how could you possibly put a name to that?'
'I hate the countryside. It's dirty, it's unhygienic. And what is that smell?'
'what the hell is this bridge?!'
'What sort of getaway car is this?'
(to jack) 'What is it with you? You just turn everyone around you gay?'

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