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Can you name the facts about Sherlock?

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Was shown on what channel?
Consisted of how many episodes?
Sherlock Actor?
Dr Watson Actor?
Where do sherlock and watson live?
A study in pink is an adaptation of which original 'Holmes and Watson' story?
In 'A study in pink' who is responsible for the deaths?
...but who masterminded the entire plan?
In the second episode what is the chinese gang called?
In episode two, what did the first two symbols they found on the wall mean?
What exactly is engraved on the back of watson's phone?
What is the name of sherlock's brother?
Sherlock likens his mind to a what?
New Scotland Yard detective who works with sherlock?
How does sherlock describe his job?
How does sherlock take his coffee?
episode 1 is written by?
episode 2 is written by?
episode 3 is written by?

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