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Can you name the South Park Characters by Description?

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1. Big-Boned, loves cheesy poofs, red shirt
2. Jew, wears green hat
3. blue hat, brown shirt, sister shelley
4. poor, orange jacket
5.uses arm crutches
6. Can only say his own name
7. school counselor
8. teacher of students
9. # 2's canadian adopted brother
10. # 3's girlfriend
11. blonde kid, strict parents, nickname Faggot
12. cooks food for kids at school
13. Son of God
14. Evil prince of darkness
15. # 14's boyfriend
16. Christmas poo
17. letter 'T' on his shirt, canadian
18. letter 'P' on his shirt, also canadian
19. english kid, no one likes him
20. Mormon kid new in SP
21.super gay, wears blue scarf, pink shirt
22. married to # 21.

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